Driver Environment

Automatic Park Assist

The Automatic Park Assist system takes the guess work out of parking by using the vehicle’s front and rear parking sensors, as well as two front side sensors, to guide the vehicle into a final parked position by automatically controlling the steering. The driver remains in control of the accelerator, brakes, transmission and clutch (in manual vehicles) at all times. Directions are provided by messages shown on the colour touch-screen display. These directions include the gear required, the direction of vehicle movement and steering control indication.

Head-Up Display

Head-Up Display

The Head-Up Display is an advanced technology that was originally developed for fighter jets. It displays important driver information on the windscreen, including speedometer, tachometer, external temperature and lateral G gauge.

Forward Collision Alert

A camera, located above the rear view mirror, scans the road ahead up to 14 times per second. When a collision is predicted, the driver is alerted with an audible tone and a visual alert in the Head-Up Display. Anticipating hard braking, the system applies sufficient brake pressure to close the space between the brake pads and rotors, thus delivering a quicker brake response time.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning helps to combat the results of distraction and drowsiness on the road. It alerts you to any unintentional lane departures with a warning indicator and an audible sound, keeping you, and your passengers on the right track.

Disclaimer: Feature operates at speeds over 56km. The Lane Departure Warning does not steer the vehicle. The driver is always responsible for taking care and attention while manoeuvring the vehicle.

Rain Sensing Wipers

Rain Sensing Wipers are a convenience feature in that the windscreen wipers will operate when water is detected on the windscreen without the driver having to manually operate them.

The vehicle’s windscreen wipers will automatically cycle when water is detected on the windscreen. The wiper speed and frequency are adjusted automatically.

The sensitivity of the rain sensing can be altered manually by rotating the collar up or down on the windscreen wiper lever.

HSV GEN-F2 LSA Powertrain

Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) - Standard on GTS, GTSR, GTSR Maloo and GTSR W1, optional on all other models

HSV developed its Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) system to provide the driver with intelligent information regarding various vehicle functions such as fuel efficiency, vehicle dynamics and performance related information. EDI is operated via the 8" high-resolution, colour touch-screen display.

The driver can choose between a range of information options including the following:

  • Longitudinal and lateral G Force
  • Stability control system (Traction, ABS, etc)
  • Logged data for use at race circuits utilising GPS tracking with a downloading capability
  • Dynamics and MRC information (where fitted)
  • Fuel range
  • Gauge selection
  • Provides telemetry information for engine RPM, gear position enhancing the track and cruising attributes of the vehicle
  • Displays live information about the bi-modal Induction (where fitted) which provides the driver with important information surrounding the function of their bi-modal Air Intake including when it is in operation and how it is performing

EDI is intuitive in its application whilst enhancing the performance characteristics of the vehicle and driver.

Passive Entry and Remote Start (Automatic Transmission only)

Passive entry is a keyless access system which lets you lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors without removing the remote from your pocket, briefcase etc.

Vehicles with automatic transmission have remote start which allows the vehicle’s engine to be started from outside the vehicle by using the remote start button found on the remote key. When the engine starts, the parking lamps will turn on and remain on as long as the engine is running. The doors will be locked however the climate control system will come on and use the previous settings (if the system was in use prior to the vehicle being turned off).

Hill Start Assist/Hill Hold Control

The Hill Start Assist system assists in preventing rollback when taking off, when the vehicle is on an incline or decline (when reversing). The system does this by ensuring the brakes remain on for approximately two seconds or until the Hill Start Assist system has detected vehicle take off.

Side Blind Zone Alert with Reverse Traffic Alert

Side Blind Zone Alert with Reverse Traffic Alert

The Side Blind Zone Alert system extends driver vision, using ultrasonic waves to detect objects adjacent to the vehicle in the traditional “blind spot” zones. Reverse Traffic Alert intuitively scans rear cross traffic and warns you of any approaching vehicle hazards.