30 Years of HSV

30 Years of HSV

18. GTS Coupe Series 2 (2003)


One area deemed strictly ‘off limits’ during the development of VY2 GTS Coupé was the vehicle’s dynamic styling which maintained its strikingly aggressive presence on the street. Thus, exterior changes were limited to a blackout tail light treatment and a discrete GTS badge in the lower grille. GTS Coupé also received a new 19-inch wheel design from its sedan namesake.

While the exterior changes were subtle, the interior received a substantial update, the centerpiece of which was a stylish new dash layout (seen on Y Series) complete with HSV’s unique steering wheel and white ‘chameleon’ instrument cluster, including HSV logo and the vehicle’s individual build number incorporated into the Multi-Function Display. Sporting touches included race-style alloy pedals and HSV’s unique centre sports binnacle incorporating oil pressure and volt gauges.

Luxury appointments weren’t forgotten either with standard dual zone climate control air-conditioning, a Blaupunkt premium sound system with in-dash six stack CD, dual foldaway cup holders and unique to Coupé leather trim.

GTS Coupé’s raw 300kW top end performance didn’t change but recalibrations to the C4B V8 brought significantly enhanced bottom-end power delivery and overall smoothness. Automatic transmission was an option on GTS Coupé for the first time and, due to revisions and recalibrations, both automatic drivetrains offered more refined gearshifts.

Assisted by its highly rigid chassis the original Coupé boasted one of HSV’s best ever ride and handling packages but that didn’t stop HSV’s chassis engineers refining it even further for Coupé 2. A revised power steering gear calibration sets the scene by delivering greater on-centre steering feel and a more linear response to driver inputs.

GTS Coupe Series 2 1
GTS Coupe Series 2 2
GTS Coupe Series 2 3


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