30 Years of HSV

30 Years of HSV

21. Z Series Signature Coupé (2006)


As production of HSV’s legendary two-door sensation, the Coupé, entered its final phase it was given the ultimate send off. The final iteration carried all the world-class credentials of the Z Series model (including the HSV-exclusive 6.0 litre LS2 V8 producing a sizzling 297kW @ 6000rpm and 530Nm @ 4400rpm) and was bolstered by an array of distinctive sporting and luxury highlights. Called the ‘Signature Coupé’, this limited edition model was one megastar whose autograph was not to be missed.

With only 70 examples of the Signature Coupé built, HSV steered away from its conventional build number system and rather “counted down” with the final Coupé of the line badged as number one.

In the tradition of HSV limited edition models, the ‘Signature Coupé’ was packed full of exclusive styling cues, premium performance features and desirable appointments. All 70 came in the ever-popular Sting Red paint finish which, in this instance, was enhanced with unique ‘Gloss Black’ accenting on the front and rear facias and ‘Signature’ badging on the rear deck lid. Shades of the awesome GTSR show car were clearly seen in the intricate design of the striking new 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels, which came complete with premium Yokohama tyres.

HSV’s AP Six-Piston Brake System brought standout braking performance to match the standout appearance. Still one of the most powerful braking packages fitted to any road car it featured six-piston front callipers acting on huge 362mm cross-drilled and grooved rotors and at the rear four piston callipers and 343mm cross-drilled and grooved rotors.

Inside, the usual Coupé standard features (including full leather trim, climate control air-conditioning and Blaupunkt audio system) got a further lift with the addition of an HSV Sunroof, unique ‘Signature’ floor mats and the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.

Z Series Signature Coupe 1
Z Series Signature Coupe 2
Z Series Signature Coupe 3


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