30 Years of HSV

30 Years of HSV

22. E Series GTS (2006)


HSV’s most aspirational and inspirational nameplate, the legendary GTS, returned as the top-flight E Series model and its remarkable list of specifications and features marked it as a more than worthy successor to its illustrious forebears.

It immediately stamped its authority with increased power, an awesome new braking system, high-tech suspension, more rubber on the road for greater grip and an on-road presence that pointed to its status as one of the fastest four-door sedans in the world.

Not only did it drive, stop and look better than any previous model, it also carried the best pricing proposition ever for a GTS.

The ‘Sports Performance’ styling package opened with a finely chiselled twin-nostril grille above a front facia that featured a dynamic lower intake complete with V8 Supercar-like pseudo brake cooling ducts and a set of driving and fog lamps.

The side elevation was dominated by E Series signature fender vents (consisting of a totally unique to HSV fully metal pressed lower guard section) and radical looking 20-inch alloy wheel design which deliberately exposeed the awesome new HSV brake package, as well as emphasising the vehicle’s rear drivetrain. A more distinctive and aggressive GTS appearance was created by ‘Matte Black’ bonnet header strip, fender vents and rear spoiler supports.

The rear statement was no less bold with a lower diffuser section that carried design cues seen in the storming GTSR show car, a set of ultra-cool quad exhaust outlets and, arguably ‘the jewel in the crown’, LED rear lamps. Mounted below the rising side feature-line, the hi-tech twin intercepting LED circles looked stunning, as well as giving a low, wide look to the rear of the car.

The interior was as overtly sporting as the exterior with colour combinations and quality trim materials carefully selected to reinforce the message. The bespoke GTS seats boasted a fabulous race-inspired design that incorporated exceptionally generous side bolsters and its own exclusive centre bolster finished in suede for texture contrast and even greater lateral support. Other sporting highlights included a unique HSV instrument cluster, as well as a smoothly integrated three gauge, dash top auxiliary cluster and a chunky design steering wheel rim.

Under the bonnet the unique-to-HSV 6.0 litre LS2 V8 produced an even more exhilarating 307kW @ 6000 rpm (from 297kW @ 6000rpm) and 550Nm @ 4400rpm (from 530Nm @ 4400rpm) thanks to a revised intake and exhaust system (including new smooth flowing ‘four-into-two-into-one’ tubular extractors) and a 24-month program to refine the engine calibrations. That not only made GTS (and its E Series stable-mates) the fastest HSV and one of the fastest sedans in the world at the time, it also made it a member of the ultra-elite ‘four second’ club.

MRC technology took GTS into an all new realm with, not only the most sophisticated and advanced suspension systems fitted to any Australian manufactured vehicle, but also a system that offered a clear lead over most European manufacturers. Developed over 3½ years at a cost of $4.5 million, this electronically controlled damper system offered GTS drivers two modes – ‘Performance’ or ‘Track’ – that transformed their vehicle from a luxury ride bias to race track inspired chassis at the press of a dash mounted button.

Measured against any rival performance sedan, in any market across the world, using any criteria for comparison, the E Series GTS was a born leader.

E Series GTS 1
E Series GTS 2
E Series GTS 3


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