EDI Disclaimer



HSV’s intellectual property, including all trade marks, copyright, patents, processes, technical information and knowhow in relation to the EDI Device remain the property of HSV at all times and HSV does not transfer or assign any of those rights.

HSV does not own, control or have any access rights to any information generated or collected by the EDI Device.

Law enforcement agencies or others may be able to access information recorded on the EDI Device or to any other device that stores that information.

If you are not driving the vehicle or do not wish to log data using the EDI Device you should disable the data logging function of the EDI Device. In the event that the data logging function is not disabled, then data will continue to be recorded.

Data Logging

To the best of Premoso Pty Ltd (HSV) knowledge, any Data produced by the EDI Device is accurate at the time of production. The Data is produced "as is" and HSV make no guarantees or warranty, express or implied, including warranties mechantability and fitness for a particular purpose, currency, accuracy, quality, completeness, availability or usefulness of the Data, other associated information, apparatus, product or process disclosed through the Data and no responsibility or legal liability is assumed for any damages or inconvenience arising from its use.

To the extent permitted by law, HSV will be not be under any liability (contractual, tortuous or otherwise) to you in respect of any loss or damage caused (including, without limitation, consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly from your use (including recording, logging and storage) of the Data.

You are strongly advised to undertake your own independent research and obtain professional advice before relying on the Data. Any analysis of the Data is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by HSV unless expressly stated to the contrary. You should carefully read any information relating to or using the Data.

Please contact HSV if you have any questions relating to the EDI Device.

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