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Holden Special Vehicles has kick-started its promised program of radical new concept vehicles, by digging deep on its internal resources and via it's association with Australia's premier Bathurst winning V8 Supercar team - with the introduction of the new Holden Racing Team edition Maloo Sport Utility.

With an awesome 350kW of power on tap, courtesy of its 6.2-litre Corvette LS6 engine, the HRT Maloo is a lean, mean, driver's machine that looks every inch the racing rocket it is.

Based on the popular Maloo R8, the HRT Edition is a showcase for many design and engineering features as developed by HSV. And unlike many concept cars, some of the technology seen here may not be too far away from full-scale production.

Aside from the 6.2 litre engine, this distinctive vehicle features a wider track (50mm front, 75mm rear), 20-inch magnesium wheels shod with Pirelli P-Zero tyres, unique body styling including a race-style front clip, side skirts and rear skirt, flared front and rear guards, a sports-style roof sailplane and side rail extensions, integrated tonneau decklid with race-style fuel fillers and a handcrafted bodyshell with lowered roof, longer cabin and extended doors - all on a standard wheelbase.

Painted in Violet Echo, a colour unique to this vehicle, the HRT Maloo features an interior trimmed in leather and suede, in purple and charcoal with silver highlights, race seats and pedals, Italian steering wheel and gear knob and a built-in VDO sound system including in-dash CD stacker.

In recognition of the desirability of all HSV vehicles, the HRT Maloo has double protection against would-be thieves: aside from the standard immobiliser, it features the HSV Embedded Security System (ESS), which is an extra immobiliser module within the wiring system, as well as HSV DNA. A 10,000 data-dot identification system sprayed on various parts of the car, HSV DNA is readable only under magnification. Each pattern is unique to that particular car to deter thieves and this feature is now being introduced as standard on all HSV cars.

The HRT Maloo has the standard Maloo wheelbase but the dimensions are different. The roofline is 40mm lower than the standard vehicle, while the rear tray has lost some space to allow for the cab to be extended. The sound of the awesome 6.2l V8 engine exits from an opening styled into the side skirt of the vehicle. Stopping power is enhanced by a HRT 6 piston race bred braking system developed with AP racing.

Effectively there's an extra cab behind the two racing-style seats, but it allows for storage rather than extra seating. There are two open shelves, two lockable compartments and space for the mechanics of the audio system, while the rear tray features integrated downlighting and a built-in fridge.

The decision to go with a stylised Maloo was a democratic one, involving input from HSV's engineering and workshop team and TWR designers.

Instead of the usual six-month gestation time for a production car from concept to signed-off master, once the decision to do a ute was made, the HRT Maloo came together in four months. Built from scratch in HSV's Melbourne workshop, it went from basic idea to clay model to master moulds to body, compressing the usual design process.

"Once we had the basic idea in our minds, it was up to the guys to suggest some of the dreams they're working on for the future, to bring those ideas forward to put them into this vehicle," says Brad Dunstan, TWR Executive In Charge of HSV Engineering.

"Changes included the power train, suspension and all sorts of ideas that we'd been thinking of, as well as the styling cues, so a lot of the elements that have gone into this were already in mind for future production models.

"The important thing to note is that this is not just a decorative car. There is real engineering integrity involved - this car can be driven."

The HRT Maloo will be used to test market reaction while it is on display at the Sydney International Motor Show. If it's positive, aspects of the next production Maloo could bear a striking resemblance to the concept car.

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