Formula Extreme

Published: 04 December 2003

Pictured: HSV.

The final event of the 2003 race calendar for the Yamaha sponsored Formula Xtreme TT Series goes to air on Network TEN this Sunday in a two hour special from 12.00pm to 2.00pm.

In attendance at the one off FlexiRider Australasian Formula Xtreme Championship event at Eastern Creek was Todd Kelly who piloted the HSV R8 Clubsport in its role as a safety car ’First Intervention Vehicle’, the car piloted by Todd followed the pack off of the start for the first lap of each race.

The FIV vehicle proved its worth early on in the piece when Kevin Curtain the lead rider for Nikon Yamaha crashed on the first lap of the first Supersport race breaking his pelvis. The HSV R8 FIV was there within thirty seconds of the crash and the paramedic informed race control of the serious nature of the incident who in turn stopped the race while Curtain was attended to track side.

Todd was accompanied in the car at all times by a paramedic who later reported to his work mates that day ’that he had never gone so fast with such confidence in all of his years in emergency vehicles’.

Terry O’Neill of Formula Xtreme Promotions said; "This is the first year with a FIV at Formula Xtreme events and the HSV R8 Clubsport has proven its worth time and time again by being able to get to the scene of incidents in the fastest and safest possible manner each and every time a paramedic has been needed to respond to an on track incident."

Todd and the HSV Clubsport R8 First Intervention Vehicle can be caught along with all the racing action from the FlexiRider Formula Xtreme Australasian Championship on Network Ten this Sunday from 12.00pm.

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