Auto Accident Care

Reality is, accidents can happen and if you’re unfortunate enough to have one we’re here to help get you back on the road.

If you do have an accident, we recommend that you:

  • Stay calm, switch off the ignition and turn your hazard lights on.
  • Get to a safe place and dial 000 to notify emergency services if necessary. This means is someone is injured, traffic is being obstructed, the other driver refuses to co-operate, or a driver is under the influence. Make sure you follow first aid measures until help arrives if someone is injured.
  • Get as much information as you can about the accident using the forms in this guide to help you.
    • Driver’s license details & address
    • Contact number
    • Vehicle registration, make & model
  • If required, contact HSV Roadside Assistance on , Chevrolet Roadside Assistance on or your nominated roadside assistance provider –they may be able to offer additional advice.

To help you glide through the repair process ask the other party if you can take photos of their licence, vehicle and accident scene.

For additional support you can contact HSV Roadside Assistance on or Chevrolet Roadside Assistance on .

Repairing Your HSV

Your HSV is the result of the best design and engineering practices to ensure that it performs at a very high standard in the event of a collision.

Only new Genuine HSV Parts fitted using current HSV repair procedures will bring your HSV back to its pre accident condition, maintain its structural integrity and ensure occupants’ safety is not compromised.

HSV Genuine Parts

  • Engineered for your HSV
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Resale value

We are serious about your safety and your right to have new Genuine HSV Parts fitted to your vehicle. Only Genuine HSV Parts are designed, validated and engineered by HSV or its associated entities and are warranted by HSV, giving you peace of mind. Keeping your HSV genuine will also help maximise the resale value of your vehicle.

*Click here or speak to your HSV Parts & Service Centre for details on HSV’s warranties.

GM Certified Collision Repair Network

The anxiety & uncertainty that being involved in an accident brings can be lightened by having your HSV repaired by a GM Certified Collision Repairer.

By Choosing a GM Certified Collision Repairer you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a Repairer that not only meets the highest levels of training and expertise, but will also help you through the entire process from making a claim right down to getting you back on the road.

A key part of being a GM Certified Collision Repairer is a commitment to completing safe & proper repairs.

This means that your HSV will be repaired using:

  • The current HSV approved Repair Procedures
  • The correct HSV approved equipment
  • New Genuine HSV Parts from HSV
  • Trained & Certified Technicians

The GM Certified Repairer will also conduct a full electronic system check after repairs using the same diagnostic equipment & processes exclusive to HSV Parts & Service Centres. This will give you piece of mind that your HSV has had a safe & proper repair ensuring that it will operate as it was designed & continue to be as safe as it was before it was damaged.

It’s an exclusive privilege to be a GM Certified Collision Repairer and one that isn’t handed out to just anyone.

To contact your nearest GM Certified Repairer call 1800 286 733 or click here to see the list of GM Certified Collision Repairers.

What to look out for

Do you have the right insurance?

It's important to understand your insurance policy thoroughly so you don’t get stung by the fine print. Some policies mean the insurer is able to repair your HSV as cheaply as possible which may mean using copy or recycled parts, therefore compromising the safety of you and your passengers. If you're not sure, ask your insurance company whether your policy allows only new Genuine HSV Parts to be fitted to your vehicle for the vehicle’s lifetime.

Questions to ask your insurer

  • Will Genuine HSV Parts be fitted for the life of my vehicle?
  • Do I have a choice of repairer?
  • Are repairs guaranteed for life of the vehicle regardless of ownership?
  • Will my insurance company mandate that the repairer follow current HSV repair procedures?
Picked up your vehicle from being repaired? Here’s how to check that its good to go!

Accident Details

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident, then here is a checklist of the basic details you will need. Firstly though you should make sure that no one is injured and you and your vehicle are in a clear & safe position.

SECTION A – Your Details

  • Driver’s Name
  • Licence Number
  • Vehicle make/model/year
  • Registration Number

SECTION B – Other Drivers’ Details

  • Driver’s Name
  • Licence Number
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Vehicle make/model/year
  • Registration Number
  • Insurance Company

SECTION C – Accident Details

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Accident Details
  • Witness Name
  • Witness Address
  • Witness Contact Number

SECTION D – Additional Information

Add details of police, other vehicles, conversations or draw a sketch.