Malibu and HSV's "Just Ride" series Hots up

Published: 14 December 2004
Malibu and HSV's "Just Ride" series Hots up

Pictured: HSV.

The Malibu “Just Ride” series got underway recently with the sun shining on Malibu and HSV owners as they braved the heat for the inaugural stop of the 5 event series.

Held in hot calm conditions at the Hume boat club near Albury NSW, Malibu boat owners and HSV enthusiasts were treated to the latest in technology from both leading edge companies at the Riverina Marine Centre at Wagga Wagga. Excellent skiing and Wakeboarding conditions prevailed for most of the day until welcome relief arrived in the form of a 15 knot southerly that took some of the edge off the hot conditions.

Professional Wakeboarding demonstrations were held for keen on lookers by team “Liquid force” Pro riders from Queensland including Daniel Pyne. Patrons also enjoyed demo drives of several different Malibu models and had the opportunity to try some new skis and wakeboards supplied by O’Brien Wakeboards and Jobe skis.

In addition to the activities, the centre piece of the “On shore” display was the eye catching “Big Red”. This stunning rig combines an HSV Avalanche XUV finished in vibrant “Sting Red” with a “Solid” Red Malibu Response LXi fitted to a colour coded custom trailer with polished stainless steel accents.

The just ride tour provides invited guests with the unique opportunity of sampling the latest in automotive technology from HSV including the Z series range of cars with the exclusive 297kW LS2 engine and the exceptional All Wheel Drive experience that the HSV XUV and Avalanche wagon offers combined with the awe inspiring Malibu lifestyle which offers the ultimate in sports boating.

The Just Ride series will be held on the following dates in 2005

- Carrum Water Sports Centre, January 23 -2005; - Murray Bridge, February 6-2005; - Wisemans Ferry, March 19/20-2005; - Gold Coast-April 3-2005;

For further details on the Just Ride tour, go to or call Malibu Boats on 02 6040 1174.

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