HSV favourite lives on

Published: 13 October 2005

Pictured: HSV.

When it was launched to an eagerly expectant market at the end of 2001 the original HSV Coupé was hailed as a world-class two door, high performance V8 sports model. The accolades proved entirely appropriate as buyers quickly established it as an enduring favourite of the HSV range and it has recently underscored its world-class credentials by also becoming a major hit on the UK market.

Keen to secure the future of this landmark model, HSV is now delighted to announce that, with the support of Holden, production of the GTO Coupé is set to continue in a limited fashion into 2006. This is possible because the HSV Coupe shares certain powertrain components with the export Pontiac GTO for the US Market.

To celebrate this news HSV has taken the opportunity to develop a special limited edition model, the ‘LE’ GTO Coupé. Only 100 will be built and they will mark the start of the 2006 production schedule.

A prerequisite for any HSV limited edition model is a distinctive standout appearance, and here the ‘LE’ GTO Coupé doesn’t disappoint. There are three exterior colours and matching interior trim sets available, each combined with striking bonnet and boot lid paint accents.

Fifty will be built in the most conservative combination of ‘Phantom Black’ with ‘Light Gold’ accents and ‘Ochre’ interior trim, 25 will come in the popular ‘Devil Yellow’ colour with ‘Black’ accents and ‘Devil Yellow’ interior trim, while the remaining 25 will be available in HSV’s classic ‘Sting Red’ paintwork with White accents and Indiana (Red) interior trim.

Further enhancements to the car’s bold street presence can be found in special badges and black brake callipers, the limited edition HSV build number painted on the boot lid in the same colour, as well as HSV 10-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels (Light Gold on Black cars and Chrome Shadow with the other combinations). There is also an individual rear profile for LE with the deletion of the usual GTO rear spoiler, and the addition of a roof spoiler.

Interior Enhancements will also include Premium dashboard highlights and Bluetooth. Braking is upgraded to an AP Racing 4 Piston Premium System.

Naturally, the limited edition LE GTO Coupé shares the remainder of its awesome specification with the regular Coupe GTO model, including the exclusive to HSV, 6.0 litre LS2 V8 which produces an extraordinary 297kW @ 6000rpm and 530Nm @ 4400rpm and will accelerate to 100kmh in just over 5 seconds.

At an estimated RRP of $83,990 RRP (plus ORC) the LE GTO Coupé delivers knockout styling, an outstanding level of driver enjoyment as well as impressive luxury appointments, at a price that makes it as formidable in terms of value for money as it is on the road. Like its predecessors, it’s sure to become an instant favourite.

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