HSV Supply Formula Xtreme Promotions

Published: 27 May 2003

Pictured: HSV.

Formula Xtreme Promotions is pleased to announce a major mainstream non-motorcycle related sponsor is to join the growing list of supporters of the Yamaha Formula Xtreme TT Series.

Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) is now the official four-wheel vehicle supplier of the series following its decision to provide a new Y model Clubsport R8.

The HSV will be put to good use in the remaining three 2003 Yamaha Formula Xtreme events as both a pace car and First Intervention Vehicle (FIV).

The R8 will carry a paramedic at all times to significantly lessen response times when an incident occurs on track.

The Clubsport R8 FIV will join the growing list of unique rider safety initiatives employed at the Yamaha sponsored Formula Xtreme events along with the Yamaha Airfence, further making the series Australia’s most safety conscious motorcycle road racing promotion.

“It is harder to imagine a more exciting and versatile track bred street registered car than the Clubsport R8,” said Terry O’Neill from Formula Xtreme Promotions. “ It can carry out many on-track tasks that our events require, while also providing us with valuable transport capacity to and from the events,”

“Having HSV onboard adds a whole new dimension of sponsorship to our sport. The Yamaha Formula Xtreme TT Series is all about providing advertising opportunities for our valued sponsors, which we facilitate with the extensive Network TEN, SBS and Fox Sports TV coverage that the series attracts.”

Andrew McKenzie, HSV’s national marketing manager, says this is the first phase of this type of association with Yamaha and Formula Xtreme Promotions,

"Through a long-term association between Yamaha and the Holden Racing Team, HSV is delighted to showcase our Clubsport R8 in conjunction with the Formula Xtreme series," Mr McKenzie said.

"It’s a core market for HSV and you can expect to see a few more surprises between Yamaha and HSV in the future."

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