Published: 16 October 2006

Pictured: HSV.

2006 marks a significant milestone in the life of Holden Special Vehicles – nearly 20 years since the first car rolled off the production line of HSV in the Melbourne suburb of Notting Hill.

This year marks the 50,000th Holden Special Vehicle and provides a unique opportunity in the history of Australia’s famous high performance, niche vehicle manufacturer, to look back at the history and achievements of this much loved icon.

The story is the quintessential Australian yarn of blood, sweat and tears, tracing the evolution of the company from humble beginnings with just a handful of staff, to today’s vibrant, successful and envied Holden Special Vehicles.

The journey takes us on a tour of some of Australia’s finest ‘must have’ vehicles, highlighting not just the exotic machinery, but also the stories behind the story – including the critical role played by the Holden Racing Team to create an automotive ‘superbrand’ idolised across the country.

Combining Holden’s great products with the HSV trademark, state-of-theart technology, contemporary design, muscular engineering and a passion for performance excellence has been a hit with fans and motoring enthusiasts, not just in Australia, but right around the world.

In 1988 few would have believed the birth of the Walkinshaw Commodore would pioneer the way for 50,000 high performance vehicles and the nearly 20 years of thrills, spills and motor sport success the HSV Family can claim today.

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