HSV Builds it's 40,000th vehicle.

Published: 07 August 2003

Pictured: HSV.

"They say time flies when you're having fun .... and amazingly, it has been nearly 16 years, and a lot of fun, since we rolled the very first HSV off the production line" said HSV's Managing Director, John Crennan, at the company's latest milestone celebrations.

"Today we celebrate the 40,000th HSV car to be built. This is a great Australian success story for not only the staff of HSV who have had the pleasure of designing and building these unique cars but the amazing group of 40,000 owners who have had the ultimate Australian performance vehicle ownership experience."

From the release of the very first model, HSV cars have captured the desire of Australians through their unique blend of enhanced performance, bold styling and affordability.

The 40,000th HSV vehicle ever built rolled off the Clayton production line on Thursday 31 July, 2003. In fitting tribute to the most popular model in the HSV stable, the 40,000th vehicle is a Sting Red Y Series Clubsport.

In celebration of this milestone, HSV and Channel 10 offered one HSV enthusiast the chance to win this unique 40,000th Clubsport via an HSV / Sports Tonight television promotion as part of HSV's "Your Time Has Come" celebrations.

HSV are delighted to announce that Jamie Butler from North Richmond, NSW, is the lucky winner and soon-to-be, proud owner of the new Y Series Clubsport and 40,000th HSV.

"Whether it was car number one or, as Jamie will soon learn, car number 40,000, HSV has strived to provide the ultimate in Australian luxury and performance vehicles. In achieving this milestone I would like to thank all our customers, our Retailers, staff and suppliers for their contribution to making HSV what it is today”, Crennan said.

“Be assured that we will not be dwelling too long on this milestone”, Crennan confirmed. “And that already our forward model program is exciting at our current rate of growth, it will be 2005 when we celebrate the 50,000th HSV model.”

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